We are very pleased to announce that Tea and Confidences – our second long-playing record album (!) will be released in Canada, March 4th and will be available in any decent record stores that still exist, on iTunes and (of course) from us in person… signed!

Our first album entitled Fearing& White - was written in week-long sessions over about ten years, but with Andy and I both so busy these days, and (still) living on opposite sides of the planet, we knew that we would have to work fast to write the the new one… to cut a long story short, we basically wrote Tea and Confidences in two short bursts of inspired madness (a brief stint in January 2012 at my house in Halifax got the ball rolling, followed by a 4 day write-athon on Saltspring Island in August 2012, where we nailed 11 songs and killed a few bottles of wine). The album was recorded in Guelph – January 2013, at Scott Merritt’s The Cottage studio with Gary Craig on drums/percussion with special guests: Jeff Bird (Cowboy Junkies) – Harmonica and Ray Farrugia (LeE HarvEy Osmond) – Drums. This new recording is a big step forward for Fearing & White,  and as our bio says,  … sounds like each man’s most urgent statement to date. The songs are filled with big tones and the pure excitement of creation. … guitar-driven rock numbers built around jukebox-ready grooves (“We Came Together”, “Sanctuary”) and aching harmonies with no-frills arrangements on ballads (“Emigrant Song”, “Another Time Another Place”). On Tea and Confidences it’s all brought to life with a spark and the spirit of discovery hanging thick in the air.” You want to hear (and download for free) a cut? Click here, have a listen and share it with your pals… you’re welcome : – )

Tour plans are coming together quickly with twenty plus shows booked across western Canada in March and April, plans for the summer and fall are afoot and, well, it’s going to be “interesting” to see if I can keep all the balls in the air. Here are our tour dates.