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Fearing & White


Penguin Eggs album review

This debut album, a collaboration of Stephen Fearing and Andy White, features 13 songs that came to life, according to their story, because of a friendship spanning 10 years, with eight years of annual liaisons so they could write together somewhere in the world while working around the crammed schedules of a pair successful touring musicians.

White now calls Melbourne, Australia, home, while Fearing recently moved to Halifax, so hurrah that they found a spare three weeks in Ontario to record it and pull it off. And pull it off they did. Another happy example of the sums of parts being greater as a whole. The duo and the record – not one song stands out above the others and neither one’s voice dominates but blend perfectly – Fearing and White have concocted a fabulous recipe for a terrific listening experience.

Underlying the excellent, gently rocking arrangements is a fabulous, old-timey pop sensibility – in the best sense of whatever that means to you – and a palpable feeling of joy. I instantly get that Andy and Stephen had great fun making this joyful noise. All projects should sound and feel this good.

The result is a group of songs you instantly embrace because of their overall feel rather than any particular snatch of piercingly perceptive lyric or any one of many classy guitar riffs.

Fearing and White have put together a record that they should both be proud of, one that stands tall alone and also fits perfectly as part of the their stellar past performances.

les siemieniuk
Penguin Eggs Issue #50, summer 2011

Say You Will on Canada AM

Andy & Stephen got up extra early the morning after their Toronto show to perform Say You Will the opening track from ‘Fearing & White’ on national breakfast TV show. Canada AM. Dig those crazy lights!

Heart O’ The Morning & You Can’t … filmed live in Winnipeg

Heart O’ The Morning & You Can’t Count On Anybody Any More filmed live in Winnipeg WECC. 31.3.11 by Steve Boyko. Thanks Steve!

Rockwood Live 8.4.11

Stephen and Andy perform Rockwood and How Long live in Guelph, 8 April 2011. Thanks Brian!


Climb aboard the Mothership with live footage from Stephen and Andy’s Guelph concert.

From Front Row Dan

I attended the show in Guelph and have to tell you: fan-f*cking- tastic!
Stephen: You’ve got your swagger back. It’s great to hear the joy back in your voice again. Your playing perfectly complimented the tunes, and vocally, you were superb. The harmonies were very crisp, in perfect pitch and truly enhanced the songs.
Andy: This was the first time I’ve had the pleasure of hearing you, and it was brilliant. Your playing and singing were spot on. Loved Italian Girls on Mopeds!
F&W: Great songs! Heard a few voices and influences (Neil Finn comes to mind), but the songs were wholly original and goddamned glorious! Bought the disc and love it!
The easy stage demeanor and endless jokes told of a duo that clearly enjoy playing together. Loved the Netherlands bit – both the reading and the musical accompaniment.
Best show I’m likely to see all year. Congrats and please come again!
Front row Dan